Women in Waste is proudly brought to you by letsrecycle.com, sponsored by SUEZ and supported by the Women’s Recycling Alliance.

The event will take the form of a breakfast meeting at 9am on the morning of the 23rd of May in Letsrecycle Live’s SUEZ Theatre. Coffees and breakfast will be provided and the meeting will last for an hour and a half, divided into three sessions as follows:

Session 1: Talk “The Changing Face of Waste”
What can be done to further improve the participation and progression of women in our industry?

This first session will explore the factors that can positively influence or constrain women’s career and work choices. This will provide insight into how organisations can optimise women’s ability to be present and progress in increasing numbers in an industry which has traditionally been heavily male dominated.

Our industry is moving on from being heavily male dominated, with more women seen in leadership roles as well as early signs of an increase in the traditional “male jobs” on the manual side of things.

This move towards a more feminised industry is occurring as the image of the waste sector as a whole is changing. In days gone by seen as a ‘dirty’ industry, it is now recognised as one of the cleanest and greenest fields to work in, one which has a greater purpose than ever before.

With the prevalence for more women recycling in a domestic setting, their perspective represents a key influence in the move towards a more eco-aware society that is fully engaged with what happens to their waste. How can we optimise on this to help drive our female agenda?

Speaker: Dr Tracey Leghorn, Human Resources Director, SUEZ recycling and recovery UK

Chair: Sarah Sanpher-McDowell, Development Director at Clearpoint Recycling & Founder of the Women’s Recycling Alliance


Session 2: Case Study “Flexible Work: Best for Business”
Why will it benefit your business to encourage women to stay and progress?

There have been numerous studies and testimonials on the improvements seen in by businesses who have adopted a flexible approach, but instead of numbers on a screen, this session will take a more live approach…

Sharing success stories from within the waste, recycling and sustainability sector, this will prove an invaluable way to see the practical application of everything covered in Session 1 from relatable companies who are already leading the way.

Not only can flexible working make employees happier, healthier, more productive, more committed to the business and give them greater job satisfaction, by making flexibility a reality for workers it will also increase diversity and the pool of talent at your disposal by attracting the best women and men to the role based on their own merit rather than losing them to outside of work family and life commitments.

Speaker:Alison Roe, Director at Paper Round
Speaker: Claire Nicoll, Director at Work Best

Chair: Dr Tracey Leghorn, HR Director, SUEZ


Session 3: Success Stories & Discussion “Leading by Example: a Spotlight on Success”

How they made it – and you can too

In this final session we have gathered together some of the brightest and best of today’s women working in our industry. Hear how these women started their careers, overcame challenges and became leaders in their fields, as well as the benefits they have seen as a result from a business perspective.

This session will give you the tools to be confident, self-assured and supported as we pull together all the elements of Women in Waste and look to the future and applying these practically.

After an introduction from each speaker, the discussion will be thrown out to the room, giving you a unique opportunity to get advice, support and ideas on how to improve and overcome challenges, be that as a business or a woman in the industry.

Speaker: Jacqueline O’Donovan, Managing Director, O’Donovan Waste Disposal Limited
Speaker: Beverley Simonson, Local Authority Support Manager, Resource London, LWARB
Speaker: Victoria Hutchin, Associate Waste & Resource Management Consultant, WYG

Chair: Sarah Sanpher-McDowell, Development Director at Clearpoint Recycling & Founder of the Women’s Recycling Alliance


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