UBH Group specialises in brokering medical, clinical & associated hazardous waste and repurposing this as green energy.

We partner suppliers, with front end producers of clinical, medical & associated hazardous waste, to consult on the very best solutions available in the market, which also reduce their costs & carbon footprint.

As a consultancy we offer a range of unbiased solutions from 2 to 28 tonnes a day onsite incineration plants, to small scale specialist equipment for highly infectious waste or simply to provide consultative advice for the best available process.

Our vision is to provide the UK with the necessary infrastructure, so that our waste is managed & destroyed here in the UK.

If you produce or collect Medical, Clinical or Associated Hazardous Waste, you need to come and speak to our team of consultants.

Website:         www.ubhgroup.co.uk

Email:             enquiries@ubhgroup.co.uk

Contact:          01892 506916