SSI SCHAEFER is the market leader in the production of plastic 2 Wheeled Bins.

Our wheeled bins are renowned for their outstanding quality, adaptability and lifespan longevity.

We believe in and are committed to producing wheeled bins that are still in use after decades of years.

SSI Schaefer are the leaders in developing new digitalisation technology and ‘IoB’ – The Internet of Bins

We are at the forefront of bringing this technology to the waste industry and integrating it within our range of wheeled bins

Every bin supplied by SSI Schaefer is built for today’s technology and future proofed for tomorrows. All wheeled bins that are manufactured by ourselves are now fitted with a UHF RFID Chip in the lid handle and a QR Code and Unique Serial Number laser printed onto the back of the bin.

By utilising our own IMELO Waste Management Software, we can now monitor all your residents recycling participation rates in real time and store historic participation levels

IMELO Software also offers Route Optimisation, In Cab Technology/Hardware and complete Bin Management options

SSI Schaefer will also be exhibiting their new ‘Bin Lid Clip’ at the show which is especially designed to ensure that when wheeled bins are blown over in high winds their lids stay closed and the contents do not litter the streets