SOCOTEC is the UK’s leading testing, inspection and compliance company. Having provided analytical and technical support to the biofuel, SRF and RDF markets for a number of years, SOCOTEC is an established provider to key players in this sector.


We work with and support a large number of the UK’s solid fuel producers, users and brokers, allowing us to develop an in-depth appreciation of the challenges currently faced by the waste and recycling industry including the movement towards a circular, zero waste economy as well as shrinking budgets.

This together with industry-leading technical expertise and capability means that we can offer flexible and complete analysis solutions to support any solid fuel supply or energy generation project.

We offer UKAS accredited testing, inspection and compliance services that cover a variety of energy projects and sectors including:

Energy and fuel supply

  • Sampling and analysis of solid fuel for producers and off-takers
  • Sampling and analysis of imported cargoes thanks to the presence of our experienced teams at all major UK ports
  • Specialist coal sampling and analysis including bores, cores and stock evaluation/exploration (both in the UK and internationally).


Electricity generation

  • Solid fuel inspection, sampling and analysis
  • Energy from waste
  • Stack emission monitoring
  • Environmental chemistry
  • Incinerator Bottom Ash (IBA)
  • Waste management
  • Syngas


Transmission & distribution networks

  • Oils and grease analysis
  • Foundation testing
  • Transformer oil and lubricant testing