SiteZone Safety, formerly known as OnGrade, is a leading innovator in pedestrian safety solutions.

The SiteZone Proximity Warning System (PWS) is designed to reduce the risk of worker and plant collisions. It operates on Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) detection, using vibration, audio and visual alerts to warn users when they are in danger of collision.

SiteZone variants:

• SiteZone has evolved into the UK’s first wireless proximity warning system, SiteZone iNstant, for easy and quick installation without cables.

• An option specially designed for use on extendable parts of plant machinery called BucketZone.

• OverSite is a telematics option for SiteZone and the most significant technological development of the suite. It collects essential zone breach data from SiteZone and saves it to the Cloud to help managers monitor and improve site safety.

• Dumper Advance is specifically designed to prevent collisions between forward tipping dumpers and site workers. A discrete antenna is placed directly under the  skip of the machine, allowing for a larger detection zone at the front of the vehicle.

Detection zones can be varied depending on the site and vehicle requirements. The SiteZone range of products complement existing, work-related safety protocols creating a safer workplace.