Waste and energy are both issues high on the global political agenda. Minimizing waste to landfill, less reliance on raw materials, use of cleaner fuel sources and reduction in carbon emissions.

N+P Group positively connect the link between waste, energy and carbon. We convert non-recyclable waste to an high quality alternative fuel named Subcoal®. This highly engineered fuel is typically sold as a pellet, making it easy to transport and easy to apply. Industries like the cement, lime and steel industry can reduce their carbon footprint by substituting their fossil fuels, using Subcoal®, engineered to their specification.

Non-recyclable waste is re-used in our patented process, as feedstock to manufacture Subcoal®. The biomass percentage in waste is typically 50-55%, which significantly contributes to reduce CO2 emissions.

Established for over 25 years, N+P are rapidly expanding. Responsible for 2 million tonnes of materials, we plan to double this number in the coming 5 years, through development of future Subcoal® production sites across various countries in Europe. This year, our first UK Subcoal® operation will be commissioned in Teesside converting 250,00 tonnes of non-recyclable waste into Subcoal® supplied to substitute coal in the cement industry.