Macpac Refuse Bodies are manufactured in Co. Antrim, Northern Ireland. We have developed a range of waste collection bodies, both compaction and non-compaction.

Our food waste range:

Our product range includes food waste bodies. The Macpac 110 food waste body has varying payload options from 4.5t to 8.5t. The bodies are fully sealed and have a double locking rear door, reducing spillages and losses during collection and transport.

Our recycling range:

The Macpac 65 has a payload option from 2.5t to 3.5t when mounted on a 7.5t chassis, whereas the Macpac 110s has a payload option from 4t to 6t. The body is fully enclosed, allowing for safe and controlled collection of waste. The eject procedure is non-tipping meaning less spillages and splashback. All Macpac bodies come with bin weighing and vehicle weighing options.

Our tipping body:

The brand new Mactip model has been released with two sizes, 9m3 and 15 m3. This body is built as a tipping, non-compaction refuse collection vehicle.

The versatility of the Mactip bodies means they can be used for several different applications; however, it’s primarily designed for glass collection and food waste. The body is constructed from high grade steel including a hardox floor for increased durability. The Mactip cage body is also available with single and double bin lift options.

We have a range of bin lifts to suit most applications from single 250kg lifts to double commercial 500kg lifts.