Kaizen Recycling Limited was founded in 2006 to provide market leading solutions to the Waste and Recycling sectors.

We have a huge amount of experience covering both mobile and static recycling technology as well as a proven track record of delivering state of the art turnkey sorting plants.

We work with world renowned technology manufacturers such as:

  • Eggersmann Anlagenbau – Mechanical Plants
  • Eggersmann Anlagenbau – Biological plants (Composting & Biodrying)
  • Bekon – Dry Digestion
  • Convaero – Aerobic membrane system
  • Backhus – Windrow Turners
  • Forus – Twin shaft primary shredders
  • Terra Select – Mobile trommel screens and mobile windsifters
  • Teuton – Single Shaft Universal Shredders

With decades of knowledge and experience within the industry, working on everything from the smallest retrofits right through to some of the largest, state of the art, waste processing facilities in the UK, you can be confident with a Kaizen solution.

Kaizen provide a professional aftersales service with a comprehensive stock of spares and factory trained service technicians, all to ensure your continued productivity.