We are experts in the design, manufacture, installation and servicing of vehicle safety, monitoring, tracking and visibility equipment.


At Letsrecyclelive 2021 we are launching our groundbreaking new fleet management software division ? FleetClear ?

FleetClear helps to make sense of the enormous amounts of data produced from multiple systems and equipment by providing a synchronised solution that works.

FleetClear combines vehicle safety hardware with cutting edge fleet management software to create a single standardised platform for tracking, video, safety equipment monitoring, compliance and operational management.


? One provider for tracking, telematics, video, operational safety, service & support

? Accurate data capture and reliable management reporting

?Improves efficiency of operations and pinpoints issues

? Easy to use and intuitive software = minimal training required

FleetClear is applicable to every size, make and model of vehicle and integrates with all ISS safety products:

  • Reaclear reverse safety aid
  • Cyclear cyclist safety warning system
  • IDClear anti-roll away and theft prevention device
  • RX3 camera recording system for monitoring and recording vehicles
  • LANLink automatic WiFi footage download facility
  • RXLite LIVE camera recording technology for 24/7 tracking
  • Reverse Radar technology
  • Auto-stop brake technology

? All supported by our nationwide maintenance service


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