Manufacturing for over 25 years in the UK, Imperial Polythene is one of the countries leading suppliers of waste stream products. Polythene and Compostable Sacks, Food Caddies and Bins. Our ethos this year is concentrating on sustainability, adding a circular economy to the products we manufacture. We do this with our Polythene reclamation scheme, where we are able to take back excess polythene and run back through the system. This allows us to minimise the impact of our product in the environment or potentially ending up in landfill. The latest development with our chain of businesses is TrackerSack Technologies Ltd. An APP based system that allows complete tracking of waste from its bin to final destination. The real time application of this allows GPS tracking at every step of the waste sacks life span, and with instant email notifications, guaranteed duty of care come there and then. The APP has three platforms – Residential Waste, which allows household participation is recycling schemes amongst other benefits. Commercial Waste, that gives local business the instance to improve CSV’s with improved recycling levels. Clinical Waste, this gives total waste tracking of clinical waste from bin in ward allowing traceability of who has been in contact of the waste through to the waste carrier and final incineration. Imperial Polythene Products Ltd, with the inclusion of TrackerSack Technologies Ltd is quickly becoming a standout business within the waste sector. Combined with our Recycling schemes we have come along way. Progression which is being shown by our membership with Made in Britain, British Plastic Federation, Sedex and CHSA. Carrying the BRC AA+ standard for Food and Pharmaceutical and EN 13432 for Composting. It is an interesting time at Imperial, and we are excited looking towards the future.