Container Components Europe Limited is the manufacturer of the world’s largest range of waste container plastic lids under the renowned DuraFlex brand, and is pleased to introduce its brand new range of DuraFlex metal trade waste bins at Letsrecycle Live.


Uniquely focused on the supply to the UK and global waste market, CCE has made major investments in latest design technology, research and development, personnel training and in-house manufacturing capabilities to meet the challenges of the industry both now and in the future. Worldwide, the brand name DuraFlex is synonymous with quality and innovation, and can be found on all continents across the globe.


Building upon the prominent reputation we have built up for producing durable lids at competitive prices and on reliable delivery schedules to the waste industry, we have now added the new DuraFlex Bin range to our portfolio.

The new DuraFlex bin range offers competitive pricing combined with a number of newly-incorporated features that making it the most robust standard specification bin on the market.   The DuraFlex lid and bin ranges are fully integrable, giving customers an unbeatable combination of durability and operational flexibility.


We deliver to virtually all leading  container builders worldwide as well as many waste contractors, repairers and local authorities from our present purpose-built 44000sqft / 4000sqm facility, located just 2 km from the motorway network in Chesterfield.