At Bucher Municipal, we innovate and engineer better cleaning and clearing solutions, helping our customers grow and maintain efficient and profitable businesses. Leveraging the over 200-year-old heritage of Bucher, we are committed to helping you achieve more using less. Taking pride in being seen as a reliable partner, we work locally with you in realizing the possibilities for a smarter, cleaner and more efficient tomorrow. Today.

At Bucher Municipal, we understand the world is constantly shifting. It is why, since our first piece of equipment saw the light of day, we have been driven to keep improving. Driven to make our cities, infrastructure and environments cleaner and greener. Driven to innovate and engineer new and better cleaning and clearing technologies and solutions. For operations within urban and residential environments, highways, roads, airports, construction zones and industrial sites.

Every day we wake up to a world of more. More people, more waste, more traffic, more emissions – and more extreme weather, forcing us to think differently in order to keep up with the challenges involved in creating clean and safe environments for everyone. At Bucher Municipal, we look beyond these challenges. Using smarter, more efficient technologies to discover how we can help you accomplish more with cleaning and clearing solutions that use less. Technologies designed to keep cities, communities and infrastructure running smoothly, enabling us all to be cleaner and greener while reducing our use of natural resources.

For Bucher Municipal, as the leading supplier of cleaning and clearing equipment, it means creating solutions that go above and beyond health, safety, performance and industry standards. Like electric vehicles that produce less emissions and noise pollution. Or through our commitment to always be the type of partner you can rely on to deliver the services you need.