We are a UK based manufacturer and have been experts in air quality for over 25 years. We provide a ‘full-circle’ offering, from initial testing and consultation on odour control, dust
management, and air quality issues right through to treatment, ongoing monitoring, and support.

Our Products and Services include:

– Odour Control including Odour Neutralising Liquid and Equipment
– Dust Control Equipment including Water-based Suppression and Non-water based ElectroStatic Systems
– Indoor and Outdoor Air Quality Monitoring Systems
– Air Purifiers with both HEPA and UVC Filtration
– Fogging and Misting Equipment including Cannons, Boundary systems and both Generatorand Battery Operated Systems
– Disinfection and Decontamination Chemicals and Equipment
– Insect Control Including Non-Toxic Insecticide

We offer both hire and purchase options and our systems can be supplied as mobile applications or fixed installation solutions.
We offer Environmental consultancy Services such as Odour or Dust Impact Assessments, Air Quality Monitoring and Occupational Hygiene assessment.

Our on-site UKAS accredited Odour Laboratory offers a range of testing, investigation and assessment surrounding Odour. Including Hedonic Tone, Intensity, Characterisation and Concentration as well as a variety of product testing services. We offer our services to a range of industries and our team of experts ensure we provide a holistic offering to each requirement.